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Teen Needs to Take Parenting Role Early

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I live in Nigeria and am a single parent of a 15-year-old daughter. If I could live my life over again, I'd not experiment with sex so early.

We live with my mum because I don't earn enough money to rent a place of my own. While reading a parenting book, I discovered that for my mother's generation, obedience was the guiding principle of ...Read more

Child Frightened After Choking on Hamburger

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 10-year-old granddaughter used to eat well but choked on a hamburger a year ago. Since then, she's been afraid to eat almost everything, except select foods like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches and ice cream. She eats very little. She was checked by a doctor, and there's no obstruction. She's seeing a therapist, but we see no...Read more

Mom Angry About Bullying

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My son is being bullied on the bus and at school, and I am angry. He's a perfectly normal second grader. Nothing in his appearance or behavior should make him stand out in any way. Yet he's been called terrible names, and even punched repeatedly by different kids. He holds his fear and anger inside most of the time, but I found out ...Read more

Family Benefits From Adventure

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My husband and I have raised a successful large family with five kids who are launched to college and careers, but our youngest is still in middle school. We have lived in the same rambling house, in the same small town, working in the same careers for the last 25 years. We are ready for a middle-age adventure. Would it be wrong to pack up ...Read more

Parents Need Privacy in Bed

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, became septic, and almost died. I'm in remission now, but my kids developed an unhealthy pattern when I was sick that we don't know how to fix. My daughter, age 11, and son, age 8, refuse to sleep in their own beds alone. Every night we end up with kids in bed with us, or us in bed with ...Read more

Social Skills Can Be Learned

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 11-year-old daughter is an only child and has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as some processing disorders. She has just started attending an excellent clinical school that specializes in dealing with her learning differences. She is very happy at her new school, and we've seen her self-confidence really improve.

What we...Read more

Underachiever Needs Guidance

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I've read your books and visited your website to read about underachievement in school. My son is 16-years-old and has shown many signs of underachievement for quite some time. He is a junior in a public high school.

We are considering the possibility of transferring or supplementing some of his learning environment to a one-on-one ...Read more

Asperger's Young Man Needs Friends His Age

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My neighbors' son is 14-years-old and has Asperger's Syndrome. He gets along better with kids younger than himself, and there have been times when he has come over unannounced when my daughter's young friends are here and joins them in whatever they're doing. When he does this, I always make him leave because I'm not comfortable with a boy ...Read more

Difficult Relations After Divorce

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I am a divorced mother of a 13-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. My ex-husband has recently remarried a woman with one child of her own, a daughter who is 12-years-old. I was not the one who caused our marriage to end, and now I am ordered by a judge to be without my children two weekends every month when they must stay at their ...Read more

Teen Pregnancy Presents Challenges

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My daughter and her best friend are juniors in high school. Her best friend is now pregnant and I am very concerned about the amount of excitement and interest my daughter is expressing in her friend's pregnancy. The best friend is one of three girls currently pregnant at their high school, and from what my daughter tells me, there is no ...Read more

Grandmother Worries About Only Grandchild

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: Our daughter and son-in-law, who live in another state, are "raising" their only child, our only grandchild. He is a bright, sweet and sensitive 11-year-old who plays hockey and baseball and loves nature, but struggles in school. He is in 6th grade. I am convinced he has some combination of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or a ...Read more


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