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Art of Design: Turn Anywhere Into Home

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No matter where I have lived or traveled -- whether it's Miami, Florence, Rome or Paris -- if it is a stay that lasts longer than two weeks, I feel the urge to make it my own. Sometimes a change in career, job or lifestyle lands you in a city without much to call your own. It might be an extended stay in a hotel, a rented or leased apartment or ...Read more

Thirty Days to a New Room

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It's always exciting to come home and find some new project that makes you fall in love with your home all over again. Neater than most divorces and packing and unpacking, a make-over -- or a make-under -- are easy and cost-effective. There are many quick fixes that can be done that are the equivalent of a plastic surgery... just without the ...Read more

Art of Design: I'll Take a Pint

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More and more I'm convinced that smaller dwelling are the way to go later in life -- even now. The last time I did some housekeeping, it nearly took me all day and then some. In our younger years, most folks need more space mainly because of growing families, multiple activities and yes, some just to show off. The bigger is better mentality is ...Read more

Art of Design: Less is More... Sometimes

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Mies van der Rohe was the world renowned architect credited for creating the design mantra "less is more". This was and still is a great philosophy intended for modern life. In his 1929 Barcelona Pavilion he demonstrated how seamlessly architecture, structure and interior furnishings could complement each other with simplicity and restrained ...Read more

Art of Design: Meet Louis

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There has never been a monarch more keenly focused on art and design than France's King Louis XIV, the Sun King. As he took the throne at age 5 for 72 years, his impact was felt in almost every aspect of daily life. His most ambitious project was the transformation of a hunting lodge into the Palace of Versailles. There, he had at his disposal ...Read more

Art of Design: How Old Are You? Where Are You From?

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Almost every home in the United States has at least one piece of furniture that has seen many years of use. Some may have just appeared after a good day at a rummage sale, or perhaps a relative had purchased it from an antique shop many years ago. Even if you do not have an interest in antiques, you may have a desire to know about the pieces you...Read more

Art of Design: Life's a Banquet

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Table settings are a common household subject. Undoubtedly each and every one of us has some degree of experience, good or bad, with setting a table. Table setting are often reflective of the cooks or hosts taste and what kind of decor they prefer. Setting a proper table takes a lot of skill and thought. The decor of the home can set the tone, ...Read more

Art of Design: Home For the Future

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I had heard about this day from friends. And so just like that, one day in my 49th year, on an otherwise unremarkable day, it arrived: the dreaded AARP envelope with my name on it. I started hyperventilating. An immediate coating of nervous sweat appeared on my forehead as I opened the unwanted envelope with the red card. This can't be happening...Read more

Art of Design: Embracing a Home's Perfection

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You may have read before how tortured I feel when my housekeeper moves things around the house. Why does she move things that are perfectly placed; or why did she place a discarded gift bow on a sculpture? Is it a joke or a social commentary on my desire to live a perfectly poised life? I know I have written about this once or twice before. ...Read more


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