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Art of Design: Life's a Banquet

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Table settings are a common household subject. Undoubtedly each and every one of us has some degree of experience, good or bad, with setting a table. Table setting are often reflective of the cooks or hosts taste and what kind of decor they prefer. Setting a proper table takes a lot of skill and thought. The decor of the home can set the tone, ...Read more

Art of Design: Home For the Future

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I had heard about this day from friends. And so just like that, one day in my 49th year, on an otherwise unremarkable day, it arrived: the dreaded AARP envelope with my name on it. I started hyperventilating. An immediate coating of nervous sweat appeared on my forehead as I opened the unwanted envelope with the red card. This can't be happening...Read more

Art of Design: Embracing a Home's Perfection

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You may have read before how tortured I feel when my housekeeper moves things around the house. Why does she move things that are perfectly placed; or why did she place a discarded gift bow on a sculpture? Is it a joke or a social commentary on my desire to live a perfectly poised life? I know I have written about this once or twice before. ...Read more

Art of Design: Beach Place

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It is the summer, and the ebb and flow of the ocean causes a mirage of glitter. Every wave of the ocean refracts a different sparkle of light caught from the rays of sun. In a similar fashion, each summerhouse or condo on the beach represents holiday life in a personal manner. We all have some idea of what a beach project should look like. While...Read more

Art of Design: Good Things in Small Packages

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The saying goes that "Good things come in small packages." That is true when it comes to perfume and jewelry, but in regard to real estate, it's something completely different. Everyone always wants more space, but it is amazing to compare what is considered adequate living space is different places around the world.

In the United States, an ...Read more

Art of Design: Palm Beach Style

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Palm Beach Style

There are cities that exude style. I am lucky. I happen to live in one.

Palm Beach is a town where all the famous and infamous who's-its of the world, that know the best of the best, come to rest and relax in their very stylish homes. Mention the name Palm Beach anywhere in the world and chances are they know it or have ...Read more

Art of Design: Clearly Speaking

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Every couple of years there are trends that develop in the furniture industry that can't be ignored. Sometimes it's a theme such as Shabby chic, Tuscan Country or French Provincial. Other times the trend is in the accessories world such as zebra covered anything, red corals and who doesn't remember the monkey trend. Monkeys were literally on ...Read more

Art of Design: Love Your Home

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"I love my home!" These are four words that are not often heard from homeowners. Frequently what is heard are things like: "I wish my house were larger," "My closets are not large enough" or "I need a man-cave." Most homeowners are always finding things that can be improved or that are needed to make their dwelling the perfect home, which is ...Read more

Art of Design: A Historical Account of What Sparkles

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Could it be that Bling has made it into today's design lexicon? Bling is not just a word, but a way of life and style. It has the all the allure of theatrics, fantasy and ostentation of today's excesses and riches made popular by hip-hop culture. The sparkling worlds of Snoop Dog, Jay Z and the Kardashians have filtered into mainstream design, ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination Taormina Part 2

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Taormina has many faces. The town is a maze-like series of streets that harken back to medieval times with fortified gates as point of entry, and seemingly impenetrable buildings. These streets are the town's center, which begin the slow ascent to the hilltops Fortress like structures dot the landscape, including buildings such as churches, ...Read more


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