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Your Place: Smart choices for hardware carriers

Do-it-yourselfers once had just two choices, hardware stores and home centers, for locating tough-to-find products, especially those needed to mend old-house parts.

Then came the Internet.

Though I enjoy prowling home-center aisles and cramped ...

Your Place: Finding the elusive fix to a leak

Q: We own a home that is 13 years old. It has vinyl windows and an asphalt shingle roof.

The finish on the home is stucco. Every heavy rain, we get water coming in from the top of the first-floor windows. We have had many contractors come out to ...

Your Place: Dealing with mold in bathroom tile

Q: I renovated my bathroom about eight years ago and put expensive marble tile on the wall above the bath. I now have some black mold growing in the cracks between the top of the bathtub and the tiles. I have tried mold-removal cleaners, bleach, ...