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Decor Score: To See and Not Be Seen

Q: We loved the picture window in the master bath of our new house -- that's one reason we bought it. We didn't know it was a problem until after we moved in and realized our neighbors could look right in. We hate to give up the view from the tub,...

Decor Score: Why Loveseats Are So Lovable

Q: Our living room is fairly large but narrow, so the sofa can only go against one wall, which leaves the room open to the entry hall through a wide arch. How can I make it feel self-contained and cozy, not wide-open and breezy?

A: It's all about...

Decor Score: Old vs. Authentic? Why Choose!


Old vs. Authentic? Why Choose!

Q: We have bought a (much-too-big) house, yes, a Tudor-style "MacMansion."


Now we have to furnish it, and my wife and I are arguing about how. I say we buy new furniture that just looks old. She wants ...