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The Mortgage Professor: When you should -- and shouldn't -- seek a reverse mortgage

Some seniors don't qualify for a reverse mortgage, either because they are not old enough (you must be at least 62), or because their home equity, the difference between the value of their home and the balance of their existing standard mortgage, is too small. Such seniors won't waste much time on the effort. Any loan provider they contact will give them the bad news immediately, since they don't want to waste their time on deals that can't be done. SENIORS WHO SHOULD SAY NO: There is another group of seniors who can qualify for a reverse mortgage but shouldn't take one because it is inconsistent with their other goals. The loan provider may point out the inconsistency if they become ...

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Diggin' In: It's nesting season

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Bluebirds have been at it for weeks, and hummingbirds will be at it soon -- nesting and feeding baby birds. It's part of the magic of the spring season, an annual ...

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