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Cancer now kills more people than heart disease in 22 states

Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death in California and 21 other states, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That total is in stark contrast to the situation at the start of this century, when only two states -- Alaska and Minnesota -- lost more people to cancer than heart ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Social Security number

Q: Can I refuse to give my Social Security number to a private business?

A: Yes, you can refuse to disclose your Social Security number, and you should be careful about giving out your number. But, be aware, the person requesting your number can refuse services if you don't give it. Businesses, banks, schools, private agencies, etc., are free ...Read more

Viral Hepatitis Kills -- A Lot

Tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS are global scourges, killing millions of people worldwide each year. Viral hepatitis is worse. A report published in the Lancet looked at death data from 183 countries and found the mortality rate for viral hepatitis is growing, from 890,000 deaths in 1990 to 1.45 million in 2013.

That's more people killed by ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: Social Security survivors benefits

Q: When a person who has worked and paid Social Security taxes dies, are benefits payable on that person's record?

A: Social Security survivors benefits can be paid to:

-- A widow or widower -- unreduced benefits at full retirement age, or reduced benefits as early as age 60.

-- A disabled widow or widower -- as early as age 50.

-- A widow ...Read more

Social Security Q&A: College student eligibility

Q: Will my son be eligible to receive benefits on his retired father's record while going to college?

A: No. At one time, Social Security did pay benefits to eligible college students. But the law changed in 1981. We now pay benefits only to students taking courses at grade 12 or below. Normally, benefits stop when children reach age 18 unless ...Read more