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Annie's Mailbox for 8/1/2015

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Dear Annie: My father has been a bully for as long as I can remember. He has unending excuses for his behavior, but the bottom line is, he thinks nothing of browbeating people to get what he wants, sometimes to the point of being cruel. He never sees it as wrong. It is always someone else's fault.

It doesn't matter whether it's as simple as ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/31/2015

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Dear Annie: Our daughter recently became engaged and we couldn't be happier. She is our only child and is marrying a great guy. While we are excited about all of the planning for the big event, it appears that the groom's mother, "Dolores," is trying to take control.

For nearly every detail that my daughter and I agree upon, Dolores steps in ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/30/2015

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Dear Annie: Yesterday, I had an argument with my 85-year-old mother. She said I must be a lesbian because of my recent Facebook posts in support of all my gay friends and the Supreme Court decision upholding gay marriage. Specifically, I changed my photo so it was colored in beautiful rainbow shades.

My mother was appalled that I was supporting...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/29/2015

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Dear Annie: My wife and I were married in a double wedding with her sister. Two years later, my new brother-in-law began boasting to me of his philandering. He rationalized it by claiming that as long as his wife knew nothing about it, he wasn't hurting her. I told this to my wife and asked whether we should tell her sister, but she said not to....Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/28/2015

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Dear Annie: My daughter is getting married in two weeks. My 80-year-old mother-in-law is unable to attend, but she called us with a request. Her daughter, "Donna," the bride's aunt, will be flying across the country with her two young children to attend the wedding. She asked whether Donna's two children could have a role in the celebration ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/27/2015

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Dear Annie: How do you cope with a friendship where the person stays connected just enough to continually remind you of how unimportant you are?

I have a friend with whom I was once quite close. We exercised and ran errands together, and when she was seriously ill, I spent countless hours visiting, reading to her and just being there. I donated...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/26/2015

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Dear Annie: Last year, my husband told me that he was having an affair. I was shocked. All I knew was that he had been drinking excessively and I was concerned.

He told me that the Other Woman "gets him" and that he is in love with her. She makes him feel young again. He was certain that I would let him go, but I refused to throw away 27 years ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/25/2015

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Dear Annie: I have a problem with my oldest daughter. She has always been a selfish child. For years, we did not get along, and many times, we stopped speaking.

She popped back into my life last October through a Facebook chat. She was separated from her husband and had left her teenage children. She blamed everything on him and I believed her....Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/24/2015

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Dear Annie: I am 62 years old and have been married to "Clyde" for 12 years. We do not have a sexual relationship. He prefers to sleep on the sofa and always has, saying it's more comfortable.

Clyde had a horrible childhood. He told me that his mother had sex with various men in his presence. On the weekends, he would stay with his paternal ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/23/2015

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Dear Annie: I am running out of advice for my daughter, "Katie." She lives with her fiance. Last year, his middle-aged, disabled father moved in with them. A month ago, his sister, her fiance and their two toddlers also moved in. The children wreak havoc on her clean, organized home. Neither the sister nor the father will clean up after ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/22/2015

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Dear Annie: I am a divorced male in my mid-50s. A couple of years ago, I met a divorced woman through a mutual friend. We share a common hobby, which led to us spending hours of time together, often just the two of us.

I asked my lady friend early on if she was interested in dating. She told me she had recently been through a bad breakup with ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/21/2015

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Dear Annie: When is it OK for a child not to want to be touched by anyone, including his parents? My 10-year-old grandson doesn't want to hug anyone, nor does he like people putting their hands on his back, shoulder or head. Should this just be accepted?

Should we use behavior modification so he will let us be affectionate, or are we just ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/20/2015

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Dear Annie: My wife and I are lucky to live near the friendliest, most helpful neighbors we could ask for. They are a middle-aged European couple who moved to the States two years ago.

Here's the problem. They have a swimming pool in their backyard, and when they use it, they do not wear swimsuits. I assume they are just doing what is normal in...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/19/2015

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Dear Annie: I have been married for 20 years. When I met my husband, he already had a grown daughter from his first marriage who was living independently in another state. "Beth" and I have never been particularly close.

Seven years ago, Beth married a man who ran off within six months, and she has no clue where he is. He doesn't pay child ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/18/2015

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Dear Annie: I made contact with my birth mother several years ago, but we are not close...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/17/2015

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Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 40 years. When we were first dating, my future wife unexpectedly set me aside to explore the possibilities of seeing another man. It was a difficult time for me. The other man was a mutual acquaintance, for whom I didn't much care, which intensified my hurt. Within two months, they stopped seeing ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/16/2015

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We have three children. His mother is still living, and he has one younger brother.

My issue is with this brother, "James." A few years ago, James cheated on his then-girlfriend, "Sheila," with whom he has a daughter. Sheila also has a son from a previous relationship that James ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/15/2015

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Dear Annie: The real estate agent who sold me my home nine years ago periodically phones my house, asking whether I plan on selling, and offering his assistance. We have a courteous, professional relationship. I never had a problem with him or his company.

Recently, I was a guest at a large customer appreciation event sponsored by this real ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/14/2015

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Dear Annie: My husband has been dead for years. He was strong, handsome and successful, but not faithful. Women shamelessly threw themselves at him and he took advantage. He once had to send me to a doctor to be tested for STDs, and I was so angry and embarrassed that I decided the only way to keep the marriage intact for the children's sake ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 7/13/2015

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Dear Annie: My brother, "John," one of nine siblings, has not spoken to our 83-year-old mother in more than 12 years. He lives less than five miles from her, drives past her house daily and never stops in. At first, he sent birthday and Christmas cards, but even that stopped. Mom continues to send cards and reach out, but receives no response.

...Read more

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