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Humor Columns Chris Erskine: Birds and bees and a boy

There he is, aging right before my eyes. In the churchy light of early morning, I can see the peach fuzz emerging on his face. Pre-whiskers. What's next? A pimple? Puberty? Dear Gawwwwd. So, I sit my 11-year-old down for "the talk." Like never ...

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Nutrition Quinn on Nutrition: Finding an ideal cereal

"Good afternoon," began the sweet voice on my answering machine. "My name is Mary Margaret Graham -- like the crackers! I am calling on Monday, September 22, 2014. I am 91 years of age. I can still drive, and I walk without a cane. But I am ...

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Op Eds A generation without chores

I recently moderated a talk for a colleague of mine, who was addressing a large group of parents. She asked me to hand out a time wheel, which listed a variety of activities that could comprise a typical day in the life of a kid today. She ...

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Mobilewalla Fastest Movers

Featured Mobile Apps Mobilewalla Fastest Movers

--Fastest Movers, Apps of the Week(October 12 - 18, 2014)This week's Fastest Movers include the unique new games Synesthetic, Ice and Brain Wars.APPLEJELLIES! (Free) - This joyful, rapid match-and-connect game gives you just 60 seconds to complete...

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