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Late Night Funny #4

CBS announced they're working on the new show "Supergirl." Supergirl made her first appearance in Action Comics in 1958. So she's 56 years old. In other words, she is just coming up to the age where she will be right for the CBS demographic.

Late Night Funny #3

Chris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce. If for any reason Bruce is ever arrested for any crime of any sort, being married to a Kardashian counts as time served. David Letterman

Late Night Funny #2

Today Russia announced that it will join America’s fight with the terror group ISIS. Then Putin said, "But I did not say which side. Jimmy Fallon

Late Night Funny #1

The Department of Defense unveiled a new policy that will let undocumented immigrants serve in the military. Is it me, or does that just sound like a sneaky way to get rid of immigrants? Jimmy Fallon

The Mouse

There was a little mouse in his little hole in the wall. The one day the mouse really wanted to take a walk, a huge cat was right at his door. The little mouse was really upset that he couldn't leave. While he was trying to figure out a ...

New Proverbs for the New Millenium

1. Home is where you hang your @. 2. The email of the species is more deadly than the mail. 3. A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click. 4. You can't teach a new mouse old clicks. 5. Great groups from little icons grow. 6. ...