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Going Native

WASHINGTON -- My finest hour as a journalist may have come one day about 25 years ago, when I was the editor of Tropic, the Miami Herald's Sunday magazine. This was when newspaper revenue had just begun to decline, which meant that the advertising...

The Ol' Bull Game

WASHINGTON -- As Americas foremost connoisseur of the misuse of the English language, I get sad around this time of the year. Thats because the baseball season is almost over.

Baseball plays itself to physical and emotional exhaustion, with games...

Bad Doggerel

WASHINGTON -- Every time I get nervous that too many people are reading my column, I do something to thin the herd; specifically, I rewrite lame old jokes into Shakespearean sonnets. The last time, not enough people were turned off. So this time ....

Writing for Dummies

WASHINGTON -- I am worried. I am worried because I just learned something. What I learned was bad.

I learned it from a letter I got. It was from a man. His name is Bill.

Bill is an authority on how people read and write. Authority is a great big...

Bending, The Truth

WASHINGTON -- I think I can safely say that the most pathetic moment of my life occurred just weeks ago, specifically at 6:20 a.m. on Tuesday, July 22. I was standing in my front yard. A young woman was walking by.

"Excuse me, miss, can I ask a ...


WASHINGTON -- As a lifetime observer of dog behavior, I feel qualified to present the following lists, which are prioritized in descending order of importance or likelihood.

What a dog is most terrified of:

1. Thunder.

2. Starving to death ...