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Analysis: Marking history for women as Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton's formal acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president came with a nod to her decades at the center of American politics -- and to the introduction she still needs to make if she is to win in November.

One of the best-known women in the world since the 1990s, Clinton is betting that she can defy the ...Read more

Clinton offers vision of nation 'stronger together'

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton offered a confident vision Thursday night of a nation "stronger together" and capable of overcoming the forces of division to build a future with greater opportunity for all Americans despite pressing problems.

"Bonds of trust and respect are fraying," Clinton said as she formally accepted the Democratic ...Read more

Clinton camp's low-key man in the middle

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PHILADELPHIA -- It took awhile, but Donald Trump finally hit on an insulting caricature for Hillary Clinton's earnest, 36-year-old campaign manager.

Trump likened Robby Mook this week to the vile compulsive liar that Jon Lovitz played on "Saturday Night Live" decades ago, whose exaggerations about personal achievement and life experience grew ...Read more

Firing up young voters is a hurdle as Clinton embarks on general election campaign

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PHILADELPHIA -- Shawnee Badger couldn't contain her disgust when she spotted Hillary Clinton on the television in the hotel lobby.

"It's the queen. Everybody, bow down," she said sarcastically. The 22-year-old delegate from Valencia, Calif., was at the Democratic National Convention to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and she's not sure ...Read more

Clinton and Sanders keep college costs in the national spotlight

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PHILADELPHIA -- As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders move to make free college a key piece of the Democratic platform, officials at some public colleges are hopeful that at the very least the effort will keep the issue of cost in the spotlight.

"I believe it's a movement that's not going to just die with the election," said Kenneth Witmer Jr.,...Read more

Texas lawmaker lost after a law changed; can he win now that it's changing again?

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WASHINGTON -- Two years ago, then-Rep. Pete Gallego, D-Texas, lost to a Republican challenger by a little more than 2,000 votes in a vast congressional district that stretches from San Antonio for over 800 miles of border, brush and desert to the outskirts of El Paso.

Gallego is running again, and one factor that he believes cost him the ...Read more

Thinking of choosing a third-party candidate? Here are the positions of Johnson, Stein

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On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in a prime-time speech from the Democratic National Convention stage in Philadelphia. That same day, socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant -- who had backed Sanders -- told a crowd at a rally across town to continue Sanders' "political revolution," not ...Read more

Post reporter barred from Pence event, patted down by deputies

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MILWAUKEE -- Officials in Waukesha County were scrambling Thursday to explain why a reporter from The Washington Post was barred from covering Mike Pence's first solo event as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Post reporter Jose A. DelReal went to cover Pence's rally held Wednesday night at the Waukesha County Exposition Center, but he ...Read more

Chelsea Clinton talks about her mom, her role model

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton often talks on the campaign trail about being a grandmother.

Her daughter, Chelsea, described just how that works: The former secretary of state loves interacting on Face Time with granddaughter Charlotte, nearly 2.

Chelsea said her mom could be ready to walk on stage for a speech or a debate ...Read more

Chelsea Clinton introduces 'thoughtful, hilarious mother' as nominee

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PHILADELPHIA -- Chelsea Clinton introduced her mother as the Democratic presidential nominee in Philadelphia Thursday, in a highly personal speech that, in contrast to Ivanka Trump's testimonial of her own famous father a week earlier, dwelled on the closeness of their political unity as much as their familial one.

Introducing herself as a "...Read more

Reality of Clinton nomination subdues protesters

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PHILADELPHIA -- In the end, it was hardly Days of Rage.

After protesters breached security fences, blocked entrances and stood, hundreds strong, outside the Wells Fargo Center each night of the Democratic National Convention, police and delegates braced for another evening of raucous demonstrations as Hillary Clinton prepared to take the stage ...Read more

Clinton: America faces 'moment of reckoning'

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton offered herself to the nation as a dedicated public servant and tested leader best equipped to face a "moment of reckoning" and bring Americans together to solve the enduring problems of economic and national security.

Clinton acknowledged the continued turmoil in the United States and across the world that has ...Read more

Lake Tahoe: Warmest water temperatures ever recorded threaten famed clarity, new study shows

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Lake Tahoe's average surface temperature last year was the warmest ever recorded, the latest evidence that climate change is altering California's iconic Sierra Nevada landmark.

In a report released Thursday by the University of California, Davis, scientists said that the lake's waters in the past four years have been warming at 15 times their ...Read more

Corporate sponsors gather at Democratic convention to get out the word

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PHILADELPHIA -- From before the Democratic National Convention's first gavel till after the last, people with deep pockets were treating Democratic leaders and officeholders to parties and perks.

There were butlered hors d'oeuvres of tuna tartare, truffle mac and cheese, unlimited wine and liquor, golfing at Merion -- all in all, more than 100 ...Read more

Father of Fallen Muslim Soldier to Trump: Have You Even Read the US Constitution?

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The father of a Muslim soldier who died serving in Iraq slammed Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims and offered to share his copy of the Constitution with the Republican nominee.

"Hillary Clinton was right when she called my son the best of America," Khizr Khan said in one of the convention's more emotional moments Thursday night. "If it was...Read more

Trump says Democrats ignore terrorism, crime and illegal immigration

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Donald Trump responded Thursday to scorching attacks by President Barack Obama and others at the Democratic convention by saying they were "not talking about the real world" of Islamic terrorism, unchecked illegal immigration, rampant crime, a depleted military and U.S. jobs "pouring into Mexico."

"Boy, am I getting hit," the Republican ...Read more

Democrats celebrate their move left on minimum wage

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton's political pragmatism made her slow to embrace the effort to double the federal minimum wage. But backers of the growing movement say her candidacy -- and the party -- could benefit from it now and in the future if she follows through.

The final night of the Democratic convention highlighted progressive economic...Read more

Fight intensifies to save generations-old getaways deep in Carmel, Calif., mountains

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CARMEL VALLEY, Calif. -- For almost a week now, the Soberanes Fire has been creeping closer and closer to San Clemente Rancho. Ash drifts like snowflakes onto the swimming pool, tennis courts, gardens and 103 cottages that make up this 2,600-acre private vacation enclave.

But the Dormody family's link to this land is fireproof, forged over ...Read more

How Democrats came around on gay rights

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PHILADELPHIA -- No issue has elicited greater cheers from inside the convention hall this week than gay rights.

But it hasn't always been that way.

The party only officially embraced same-sex marriage in its platform four years ago, and this year's nominees, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, came around on the issue after that.

This year, though...Read more

Retired Marine General on Clinton: 'We trust her judgment'

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A retired Marine Corps general who led NATO forces in Afghanistan endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday night, saying his decision was based on her judgment and record as America's top diplomat.

John Allen worked closely with Clinton during President Barack Obama's first term when the general was commanding U.S. and NATO military forces in ...Read more