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Imprisoned abortion doc Kermit Gosnell sues Philadelphia DA, Daily News

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PHILADELPHIA -- Writing from the Pennsylvania prison where he's serving three consecutive life terms, former West Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams and the Philadelphia Daily News.

The typed 14-page document, filed this week in U.S. District ...Read more

In Silicon Valley, Obama says young startup executives are the antidote to a global divide

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SAN FRANCISCO -- As global markets recoiled from Britain's decision to leave the European Union, President Barack Obama told a group of budding entrepreneurs that it was their job to bring the world closer together.

Speaking to crowd of nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors and reporters at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford ...Read more

Out-of-control fire in California's Kern County destroys 100 structures

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LAKE ISABELLA, Calif.--A fast-moving fire that has already destroyed 100 structures and scorched more than 19,000 acres is now bearing down on several other communities in eastern Kern County, according to authorities.

About 2,000 people have been evacuated as firefighters try to defend some 1,500 homes. About 600 firefighters are on the scene ...Read more

Political news briefs

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Vote for Brexit jolts Britain, EU; Cameron announces resignation

LONDON -- A British vote to leave the European Union sent shockwaves through that country and Europe on Friday, forcing British Premier David Cameron to resign and spurring calls for similar votes in other nations in an already troubled EU.

Leave won 52 percent of the vote and ...Read more

Here's what Britain's vote to leave the EU tells us about the US presidential election

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WASHINGTON -- The Britons who voted to take their country out of the European Union were predominantly white, working class, older and deeply upset about immigration.

Their leaders drew scorn from the university-educated elite as nativists, borderline racists and occasional buffoons. Backing them was too risky, opponents said.

Sound familiar? ...Read more

Lucas Museum pulls plans to build in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- The Lucas Museum saga in in Chicago has ended.

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas announced Friday he is abandoning plans to build the project in Chicago, ending months of debate and controversy. Lucas, who wanted to build a museum showcasing his art collection along the city's lakefront, said in a statement he would shift his focus to...Read more

Lessons for Trump lie in links between Sunderland and Pittsburgh

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WASHINGTON -- If the Britons who powered Brexit to victory were Americans, they'd look a lot like Donald Trump voters.

Both camps are fueled by older, working-class whites spurred by nationalism and nostalgia for a bygone era. Their economic prospects have diminished in an era of globalization, and they feel that immigration is damaging their ...Read more

Obama turns LGBT icon Stonewall Inn into a national monument

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WASHINGTON -- The site of a 1969 revolt by members of the gay community in New York City was declared a national monument Friday by President Barack Obama, the White House announced.

"I'm designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America's national parks system," Obama said in a YouTube video posted as the ...Read more

Ryan tax plan gves corporations largest tax cut in history

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. corporations would get the largest federal income-tax rate cut in history, and their foreign earnings would no longer face domestic taxes when they return to the U.S. under a plan that House Republicans unveiled Friday.

The changes would remove incentives for U.S. companies to seek offshore tax addresses for lower tax bills, ...Read more

Another Florida Republican bows out of Senate race, endorses Rubio

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WASHINGTON -- Former CIA officer Todd Wilcox ended his campaign for the Florida Senate seat Friday morning and endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio two days after the incumbent decided to run for re-election.

"Senator Rubio and I don't agree on everything. We've traveled different paths, but I respect his grasp of the challenges we faces and I appreciate ...Read more

5 things the Brexit vote means for the rest of the world

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WASHINGTON -- The shock waves of British voters' decision to leave the European Union began almost immediately after the polling booths closed Thursday night. The British pound plummeted against the dollar, the Dow tanked and experts predicted years of uncertainty in Great Britain and Europe. Here are five immediate takeaways:

1: Economic ...Read more

US markets drop sharply after 'Brexit' vote increases global recession risk

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WASHINGTON -- Major U.S. stock indexes plunged Friday morning following a large-scale global selloff overnight in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

The Dow Jones industrial index plummeted 500 points, or about 3 percent, in early trading. The broader Standard & Poors 500 index and the technology heavy Nasdaq composite also...Read more

Sanders says he will vote for Clinton

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WASHINGTON -- Bernie Sanders will vote for Hillary Clinton, he said in an interview Friday morning. But he stopped short of saying that he would embrace her candidacy.

"Yes," he said during an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe. "I'm going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump."

He added: "I think Trump, in so many ways, will be a ...Read more

Donald Trump praises Brits for taking 'their country back,' but only after he promotes his golf resort

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Donald Trump stood on his newly renovated golf course in Scotland and promoted the sprinkler system, the drains and the luxury suites before praising British voters' decision to leave the European Union and bashing President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for urging them to remain.

Trump began the event by calling it "a very historic day for ...Read more

Dump Trump convention effort could look to someone like Walker

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CHICAGO -- As the long-shot bid to block Donald Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee gains modest momentum, the movement's leaders claim they have no one specifically in mind to replace him at next month's national convention.

That doesn't mean names aren't circulating and politicians aren't subtly auditioning for what could ...Read more

Ryan's rough week: Speaker remains defiant after sit-in tests his control of House

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WASHINGTON -- It should have been a good week for Speaker Paul Ryan, who was completing his long-planned rollout of a six-part House Republican policy agenda for 2017.

Instead, he found himself early Thursday being openly mocked -- by Democrats on the House floor shouting "Shame! Shame!" -- before the chamber was gaveled into an early week-long...Read more

Minority party makes a major shift in House

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WASHINGTON -- "Emboldened."

That was how House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi described the mood as her Democratic colleagues staged a sit-in this week on the House floor to call for a vote on gun control. Democrats left the chamber Thursday, nearly 26 hours later, still showing signs of that boldness.

But the word captures more than just a ...Read more

Donald Trump in Scotland says Brexit vote is a 'great thing'

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TURNBERRY, Scotland -- U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump praised the decision by British voters to withdraw from the European Union during a campaign appearance at his golf course on Scotland's west coast, his first international trip as the presumptive Republican nominee.

"It's an amazing vote because the voters are angry," Trump said ...Read more

Fear, loathing and a brutal murder: How the Brexit vote unfolded

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EDINBURGH, Scotland -- The experts were wrong again. Even on the day of the referendum, traders and oddsmakers, pollsters and professors were forecasting a vote to remain in the European Union.

In the wake of a stunning decision to leave the 28-nation bloc, the nation is left divided in a way not seen since the 1980s. What was a very British ...Read more

Brexit decision deals another blow to Obama

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WASHINGTON -- Great Britain's decision to leave the European Union is the second major blow to President Barack Obama -- and his legacy -- in as many days.

The country's historic referendum decision, which brought the resignation -- effective in October -- of British Prime Minister David Cameron was made official one day after the Supreme Court...Read more