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Washington's fight over the budget might shut down the government again

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WASHINGTON -- Despite promises that it won't come to this, Congress and the White House are charging toward another government shutdown.

The next fiscal crisis could come as soon as Oct. 1 unless a new government spending plan is approved. But with House members having left Wednesday for summer recess and senators soon to follow, that leaves ...Read more

Bomber must fly through enemy airspace on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON -- No matter which company wins the new B-3 bomber deal, the program's advocates will start facing the first of many budget battles before any metal has been bent.

U.S. bomber programs have a history of political trouble. The B-1 bomber was a political football in the 1970s and 1980s. The B-2 bomber buy was curtailed from 132 down to...Read more

Analysis: What's driving the rise of Donald Trump

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MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Having surged to the top of the polls nationally and in the key early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Donald Trump is now the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. Set against the backdrop of a conventional wisdom that held such a thing impossible, how did it happen? Why did it happen? How ...Read more

On the trail, Clinton begins taking questions

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NASHUA, N.H. -- Three months into her second presidential bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton has succeeded at an important goal -- pivoting away from a highly restricted campaign style that threatened to cut her off from voters in key early-voting states.

When Clinton started her campaign after announcing her candidacy in April, she stuck to small, ...Read more

Poll: Trump could send Clinton to White House, just like '92

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump could do to the 2016 general election exactly what Ross Perot did a generation ago -- with a Clinton pulling away from a Bush and a wealthy business mogul drawing a surprisingly large share of the vote.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds Clinton leading every potential Republican rival one on one. And while her lead ...Read more

Guantanamo base searching records amid cancer scare

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WASHINGTON -- Navy officials are combing through Guantanamo records in search of evidence of carcinogens at the Pentagon's war court compound after a complaint questioned whether the death of a former war court defense lawyer was linked to the lawyer's service at the remote U.S. Navy base in Cuba, the military said Thursday.

The base was also ...Read more

Tentative ruling: Judge rules against Jahi McMath's family in civil case

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- In a tentative ruling that could cost the family of Jahi McMath millions of dollars, an Alameda County Superior Court judge said he was inclined to uphold previous determinations that the Oakland girl who made worldwide headlines has died.

The debate over whether Jahi died following a tonsil surgery gone wrong at Children's ...Read more

Prosecutor in Cincinnati shooting case known as enigmatic

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To put it simply, Joseph T. Deters, a law-and-order Republican from Hamilton County, Ohio, is not a prosecutor who's known for sending cops to jail.

When he announced Wednesday that he had obtained a grand jury indictment for murder against a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black motorist, Deters, 58, became an instant celebrity.

...Read more

Californians hit water goal despite heat

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LOS ANGELES--Despite record heat, drought-conscious Californians managed to slash urban water use by 27 percent in June and demonstrated once again that they were on track to meet Gov. Jerry Brown's historic 25 percent conservation order, state water officials said Thursday.

Data released by the State Water Resources Control Board showed that ...Read more

GOP says State Department may be hindering Clinton email probe

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WASHINGTON -- Amid new revelations about U.S. intelligence information on Hillary Clinton's private email account, congressional Republicans are demanding to know whether the former secretary of state, her lawyer and the State Department have hindered investigators or compromised classified material.

Clinton was questioned Thursday during a ...Read more

Fox News lays out debate rules for GOP candidates likely to make cut

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WASHINGTON -- With the Fox News debates only one week away, candidates likely to make it to the main stage are beginning to hear some details.

According to two people familiar with the network's plans, candidates will get one minute to answer each question addressed to them by moderators Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier during the ...Read more

In city beset by gangs, a 4-year-old's slaying stands out

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HIGHLAND, Calif. -- The day was spent under the inland sun -- running around the front yard of his grandmother's home in the San Bernardino County city of Highland, splashing in the plastic wading pool. Daniel Munoz eventually went down for a nap, but when he woke, the 4-year-old rushed back outside to play once more, his arms clutching a ...Read more

Courting unions, Clinton says she didn't work on Trans-Pacific Partnership

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton appeared to take another step away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Thursday, telling reporters that she didn't work on the controversial trade deal while serving as President Barack Obama's secretary of state.

The Democratic presidential front-runner, who advocated for a multi-lateral Asia trade agreement as ...Read more

Protesters suspended from Portland, Ore., bridge block Shell's Arctic-bound drilling rig

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SEATTLE -- Royal Dutch Shell's narrow summer window to drill for oil in the Arctic became even narrower Thursday after protesters in Portland, Ore., suspended themselves from one of the city's many famous bridges to block an essential support vessel from traveling north.

Hanging over the Willamette River from rock-climbing ropes, 13 protesters ...Read more

Mother who fled Honduras 'to escape abuse, mistreatment' says 'it's the same' in US

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HOUSTON -- Ten immigrant women who had been held at government-contracted family detention centers filed complaints with the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday alleging that they and their children had received substandard medical care at the facilities.

"These 10 complaints are representative of the regular failures of DHS to provide ...Read more

Grand jury to hear shooting case against Georgia sheriff

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ATLANTA -- The Gwinnett County case against Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill will be presented to a grand jury, officials announced Thursday.

Hill was arrested and charged with reckless conduct on May 6, three days after shooting and critically wounding friend Gwenevere McCord inside a Lawrenceville-area model home. The charge is a ...Read more

Hopes for Florida teens' survival at sea rest on life jackets, cooler

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TEQUESTA, Fla. -- Hopes for the survival of two 14-year-old boys missing at sea for nearly a week rest on three items their families believe may be keeping them afloat: orange life jackets, a white Yeti cooler and a metal cover from their capsized boat's engine.

"We believe the boys made floating devices with the items missing from the boat," ...Read more

Defense says prosecutors withholding evidence Freddie Gray 'attempted to injure himself' in previous arrest

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BALTIMORE--Prosecutors have information indicating Freddie Gray had "attempted to injure himself" during a previous arrest but have intentionally withheld it in their criminal case against the six Baltimore police officers charged in Gray's later arrest and death, the officers' attorneys claimed in a court filing Thursday.

"Based upon ...Read more

Pentagon signals move to arm more troops at recruiting stations

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WASHINGTON -- Defense Secretary Ash Carter has given his top commanders the green light to allow more troops to carry weapons at U.S. bases, with a focus on recruiting stations, Reserve centers and other softer military targets.

Carter's actions came two weeks after a Kuwaiti-born gunman fatally shot four Marines and a sailor before police ...Read more

Attorney's effort to free lab chimps dealt setback by judge's ruling

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--A local attorney's landmark legal battle to free two lab chimps being used in research at a New York university was dealt a blow this week.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe has ruled the chimps must stay put, for now.

Steven Wise, president and chief litigator of the Nonhuman Rights Project in Coral ...Read more