Periodic Table

The periodic table of elements is constantly changing. How well do you know the basics?

Points available: 10


What element is named after the Latin name for Copenhagen, Denmark?

  • A) Tantalum
  • B) Hafnium
  • C) Rhenium
  • D) Hassium

What was the first element to be produced artificially?

  • A) Technetium
  • B) Terbium
  • C) Californium
  • D) Einsteinium

Which element has nearly ten million known compounds?

  • A) Helium
  • B) Oxygen
  • C) Hydrogen
  • D) Carbon

What is the heaviest of the naturally occurring noble gases?

  • A) Neon
  • B) Argon
  • C) Radon
  • D) Krypton

Which of these is the lightest element whose symbol is also a US state postal code?

  • A) Molybdenum (MO)
  • B) Aluminum (AL)
  • C) Lathanum (LA)
  • D) Neon (NE)

What is the lightest element with an atomic symbol not related to its English name?

  • A) Sodium (Na)
  • B) Iron (Fe)
  • C) Tungsten (W)
  • D) Gold (Au)

Which element is the most reactive (i.e., reacts with the most substances) of all the elements?

  • A) Chromuim
  • B) Mercury
  • C) Fluorine
  • D) Zinc

How are elements on the periodic table ordered from left to right?

  • A) Atomic weight
  • B) How common they are
  • C) Order of discovery
  • D) Alphabetically by their names in Greek

How are they ordered from top to bottom?

  • A) When they were discovered
  • B) Whether they are solids, liquids, or gases
  • C) Similar characteristics
  • D) The top-to-bottom order is irrelevan

What comic songwriter wrote a song listing all the elements?

  • A) Weird Al Yankovic
  • B) Stan Freberg
  • C) Spike Jones
  • D) Tom Lehrer