Weird Inventions

All of the items listed below are real patented inventions - whether they've been used or not is a different matter.

Points available: 10


In 1985, a bed was patented with a compartment under it to serve as:

  • A) A living space for small pets
  • B) A hiding place during hurricanes
  • C) A refrigerator for midnight snacks
  • D) A hiding place for children during a break-in

A visor patented in 1997 to block UV rays looks suspiciously like:

  • A) A knight's helmet
  • B) A fright mask
  • C) A lady's formal hat
  • D) A beach umbrella

In 1998, a small shield was invented to protect people from:

  • A) Being sprayed with perfume at the mall
  • B) Having to show their faces when they had acne
  • C) Being seen in embarrassing places
  • D) Coming in contact with germs when kissing someone

A hat patented in 1996 lets you show your favorite team's name by:

  • A) Flashing it in red LED lights
  • B) Inflating small balloons on the top of the hat in the shape of the name
  • C) Using cutouts to sunburn the team name into the wearer's forehead
  • D) Holding a battery pack that hooks into lights on a matching shirt

A device patented in 2000 keeps babies from crying by:

  • A) Strapping a pacifier into their mouth
  • B) Mimicking a mother's heartbeat next to their chest
  • C) Convering their eyes with a sleep mask to encourage them to nap
  • D) Feeding them on a schedule programmed into a small computer

What was invented in 1997 to hide game hunters from their prey?

  • A) A hat with reeds on it
  • B) A vest designed to look like a tree trunk
  • C) A pair of antlers attached to a hat
  • D) A giant cutout of a duck

What speculative item for children was designed to have lawnmower blades attached to mow the lawn while they played?

  • A) A doll carriage
  • B) A tricycle
  • C) A wagon
  • D) A pair of roller skates

What item patented in 1999 allows children to keep their gerbils and hamsters close to them at all times?

  • A) A vest covered with tubes
  • B) A pair of pants with very long pockets
  • C) A small reinforced knapsack
  • D) A belt with small compartments attached at the hip

A bunker designed in 1996 supposedly protects those inside it from:

  • A) Angry dogs
  • B) Rabid animals
  • C) Killer bees
  • D) Alien abductions

A barrier that fits across the mouth was invented to:

  • A) Keep small children from talking too much
  • B) Keep dieters from eating
  • C) Keep people from coughing
  • D) Prevent students from yawning in class