Pence Saves Republican Party After Cruz Disaster

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Ted Cruz essentially gave a career-ending speech at the GOP convention on Wednesday night.

Cruz's speech was a slap in the face to GOP nominee Donald Trump. "Vote your conscience" is a wonderful-sounding phrase. But we all know what he meant: Don't vote for Donald Trump.

I was in the convention hall and the crowd's reaction was unbelievable....Read more

Trump's Two Homers: Pence and Promise for a Declaration of War

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Donald Trump hit two home runs this week. The first, immediately following the horrific terrorist truck attack in Nice, was his statement in a media interview wherein he said that if elected, he would ask Congress for a declaration of war to combat global terrorism. The second was the inspired selection of Indiana governor Mike Pence to join ...Read more

Magna Carta 2.0: Good for Freedom, Good for Growth

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

The original Magna Carta was a charter agreed upon by King John of England in 1215. Its 801st anniversary just passed. So no, I wasn't there. But that charter has become part of an important, iconic and political myth that the deal between an unpopular king and rebellious barons marked the beginning of individual English freedoms, personal ...Read more

Overthrow the Establishment to Fix the Economy

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Famed investor Wilbur Ross recently told CNBC that "Trump represents a more radical new approach to government that the nation's economy desperately needs." He's right. Trump seeks an overthrow of the establishment. He's a disrupter -- just what we need to fix the economy.

The situation is that desperate.

The last 15 years of economic policy...Read more

Clinton and Sanders' Plan to Destroy 10 Million Jobs

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Lawrence Kudlow is off. The following is a column by Stephen Moore.

The liberal green groups are celebrating the "victory" of putting America's major coal producers out of business -- to say nothing of the tens of thousands of miners placed in unemployment lines. Several thousand more mining jobs were lost last month.

Now to get their ...Read more

A Business Recession Looms

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics May job report was a shocker, with nonfarm payrolls up only 38,000 and private jobs up a mere 25,000. A lot of investors and economists are making the case that this was a weird, one-off statistical glitch, and that stronger employment is on the way. They may very well be wrong.

If you smooth out the ...Read more

Zuckerberg's Conservative Battle: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Mark Zuckerberg and his massive social-media site Facebook have come under strong criticism for allegedly suppressing stories of interest for conservative readers from its influential "trending" news section. Facebook has roughly 1.6 billion users worldwide, 167 million of whom are in the United States. Its "trending" section is therefore a ...Read more

Trump the Disrupter

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the GOP House leadership member from Washington state, finally uttered the words I've been waiting to hear with respect to Donald Trump's march on the nation's capital. In an NBC News interview with my pal Luke Russert, she said that Trump is a "disrupter," and we have to learn that that's a good thing.

Perhaps because...Read more

Trump Must Prove That He Can Do the Job

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Donald Trump has swept the primaries and is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. His almost unbelievable primary surge -- from New York to Indiana -- was nothing short of breathtaking. He has confounded almost all the pundits and a majority of elected officials.

Going back to last summer, it was Trump's outsized political acumen that...Read more

Growth Anemia: Blame a Collapse in Business Investment

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Lawrence Kudlow is off this week. The following column is by Stephen Moore.

GDP for the first quarter of 2016 came in at a paltry 0.5 percent. That sorry showing follows growth of 1.4 percent and 2 percent in the previous two quarters. If such a thing is possible, the already-anemic economy is actually getting worse.

But even worse than...Read more


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