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A thought for the day: Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink and make the combination worthless. --Milton Friedman

Other Notable Events for July 31

On this date in history:

In 1498, on his third voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Trinidad.

In 1556 Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order of Roman Catholic missionaries and ...

Notable Birthdays for July 31

Those born on this date include:

- Author and jurist James Kent in 1763
- Confederate Army guerrilla leader William Quantrill in 1837
- Kmart founder S.S. Kresge in 1867
- pollster Elmo Burns Roper Jr. in 1900
- ...


Today is Thursday, July 31, the 212th day of 2014 with 153 to follow.

The moon is waxing. Morning stars are Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus and Venus. Evening stars are Mars and Saturn.