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Road Test Tips, Tricks And Secrets - Pass The Road Test The First Time!

Whoa! It's finally here the day of your road test. Bet you're nervous, I know I was. Do you need some help to pass the test? Well these tips, secrets and tricks that I will tell you today is what helped me and my two teenage sons pass the road test the FIRST time.

The test is the last hurdle you'll have to pass before you get your driver's license. The examiner will ride with you in your vehicle and will assess the skills you've learned and practiced. It can be nerve-wracking, sure, but if you've studied carefully and practiced sufficiently you should be well prepared for this.

What you have to decide first is what car you will use for the test. It is always best to use the car you practiced with, for many reasons. You probably practiced many hours before the test so you are probably very comfortable with that car. Also you will find that some turns and maneuvers that you have to do especially parallel parking can be very different depending on the size of the vehicle.

The first thing he will do before the actual test is check your signal and brake lights so make sure that they are working properly. Double-check these before you leave home. This would be a bad time to find out that your rear tail light is busted so you have to reschedule.

Once you start the test remember to use your signals at all appropriate times. You will also likely be asked to use hand signals to show that you know how to use them if your turn signals don't work. Always be certain the hand signals you use, are the ones in the book.

Your examiner will ask you to do routine maneuvers such as changing lanes and merging with other traffic. Use your rear-view mirrors and remember to look over your shoulder when doing these. Look over your shoulder even if, you think you can see the blind spot. It sounds stupid but examiners specifically look to see whether people are looking over their shoulder or just using the mirrors. Not looking over the shoulder is a common mistake that people make and these people usually have to come back to take the road test again. Additionally show the examiner that you're aware of the traffic around you. Stay within the speed limit at all times and listen carefully to his instructions. Another important tip that many people don' think of is the cell phone, this would not be a good time to answer your cell phone if it rings; in fact you should turn it off or leave it home altogether.

Always be aware of all traffic signs and obey them. Come to COMPLETE stops at stop signs and know the routine for four-way stops. Keep in mind that most other drivers on the road do not follow the routine for a four way stop properly. For that reason you must still be careful even if you know it's your turn to go. And if some other driver goes before they were supposed to don't show any road rage, remember the examiner is watching everything you do. Think of it this way other people's mistakes on the road will only make you look better.

Another important aspect of the road test is parallel parking and is traditionally the hardest part of the test. You can perfect your parallel parking by setting up cardboard boxes in a deserted parking lot somewhere and practicing until you can do these with your eyes closed. Also there are some "cheats" to parallel parking but these techniques are different depending on the size of the vehicle. If I position my car so that the middle of it is lined up with the bumper of the vehicle in front and I turn the wheel hard and backup it's almost always a perfect parking job. But again the position depends on the vehicle you're driving, if this happens to be the instructors car he probably knows some little "cheats". If it's your vehicle, when you get pretty good at parallel parking try parallel parking behind real vehicles and try this technique and find the right position for your car. This will help you out immensely when you have to park for the test.

During the exam you will have to demonstrate that you can back up, do a three-point turn, and park correctly on a hill. Before you know it your test will be over and you will have earned your driver's license.

The most important tips that will help you pass the test the first time is simple: practice and remain calm. Of course you know that you need to practice. Practicing with a trained experienced instructor is best but you should also practice the maneuvers that you have trouble with on your own. During the test you have to remain calm. If you have practiced enough and you remember these key tips you will have no problem passing the road test so don't get nervous.


For extra practice I got my two teenage sons the get ready to pass videos. It was something extra that helped them to pass the road test the first time. These videos helped them remain calm and relaxed during the test because they take you step by step though every aspect of the road test, so their won't be any surprises. It's a great resource that you can pop in the day before the test to keep your mind fresh on all the things to look out for. These videos also contain many more road test tips, secrets and tricks that will help you pass the road test the first time. And I knew I wasn't buying some rip off homemade video because these videos are made by a reputable company endorsed by Honda and The Motorcycle Safety Institute for safer driving. Their website also provides a FREE study guide & free quiz! As well as a FREE preview video Road Test Tips, Tricks and Secrets - Get Ready to Pass Videos

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