Minnesotan bores deeper into market with his electric drill auger

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It's likely that gas models, which are cheaper than electrics, will continue to be popular among anglers for the foreseeable future. Augers powered by clean-burning four-stroke engines also could gain share, given their environmental advantages.

Other manufacturers, including Eskimo and Jiffy, produce propane-powered augers.

But the safe money in the long run seems to be on electrics, considering that K-Drill has sold all units it has made in each of the past three years -- and considering that Strike Master's popular new Lithium 40v auger in both 8- and 10-inch models is listed as out of stock on the company's website.

Which returns us to the practice holes Baumann's crew from AWC Distributing drilled in a Twin Cities lake over the holidays.

"When it's as cold as it has been, ice is diamond-hard," he said. "Still, with one 5-amp battery, using an 8-inch auger, we cut through about 15 inches of ice easily, time and again."

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Which, if you manufacture winter fishing augers, is what you do: drill holes in ice -- frigid weather or not.

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