Sausage puts tasty cap on deer season

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Maintaining tradition

There's not much left in this flood-prone part of Walsh County near the Red River, but the Duray homestead endures. Several new buildings have been moved in over the years, skidded across ice and snow, to replace the original structures.

Mostly uninhabited, the area today is rich in wildlife habitat, but deer once were a rare sight, Duray says.

"When we first started hunting here when we were kids, there were no deer," he said. "We never saw one. We really didn't start seeing deer until the late '60s and early '70s."

Tags were filled early this year, and the crew already has been grinding and mixing several hours on this Friday afternoon.

The work and socializing will continue past midnight.


Roger Duray of Fargo, the youngest brother of the crew, is here along with brother Gary Duray and his wife, Jeanette, of Leonard, Minn., and Kasprick's son, Corey.

Work commitments kept another brother, Jeff Duray, and Henry's son, Andy, from being on hand for this year's sausage making.

As Minnesota residents, Gary and Jeanette Duray don't hunt in Pulaski Township anymore, but they still help make sausage. Gary helps Jim Kasprick grind meat, and Jeanette works at the sink, soaking and rinsing the sausage casings before they're stuffed.

"We just enjoying helping," she said. "It's fun; it's the reward."


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