Milwaukee school group passes hunter education test with flying colors

Paul A. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on

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Hayes and Baker were joined by other Inner City Sportsmen Club members Larry Haines and Aaron Morgan.

The indoor sessions were held at the Milwaukee DNR office. They learned about wildlife identification, safe firearm handling, conservation history, biology and tree-stand safety.

Outdoor shooting and deer butchering sessions were held at McMiller Sports Center in Eagle.

It would have been possible for Nunez and the others to hunt without taking the full class.

Some state-sanctioned opportunities, such as Learn To Hunt programs or those covered under the Mentored Hunting Law, allow hunters to try the activity without being certified.

But the vast majority of hunters in Wisconsin must possess a valid hunter education certificate.

And Nunez said she wanted to go through all the teaching available so she and the others would be able to hunt anywhere and anytime in the state.

She also wanted to get instruction from people in her community.

"It can make a real difference who's doing the teaching," Nunez said. "These teachers have been great."

Firearms are a hot-button topic in every community in America. Milwaukee is no exception.


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