Milwaukee school group passes hunter education test with flying colors

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MILWAUKEE -- There's a first time for all hunters.

First hunter-safety class, first shot, first time afield, and, hopefully somewhere down the trail, first harvest and first wild-game meal.

The process of becoming a hunter can seem daunting to some, especially if you don't have a family member to mentor you.

It's not as easy as, say, learning to dance or play basketball.

And the formal teaching required to safely handle firearms obviously distinguishes hunter education from other activities.

But it is eminently possible, even if you're a young resident of Wisconsin's largest city.


The resources, instructors and support are available. It just requires desire.

Here's the story of Tamicia Nunez of Milwaukee, a 12th-grader at Escuela Verde, and the Inner City Sportsmen Club.

Like each senior at the public charter school, Nunez is required to do a 300-hour thesis project. Earlier this year, Nunez decided to do hers on outdoor recreation and education.

In particular, she wanted to answer the question: How does providing environmental education opportunities affect youth?


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