How to avoid getting lost in the woods

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DULUTH, Minn. -- Grouse hunting is, by its nature, a walk in the woods. A couple of recent lost-hunter incidents, one in Pine County and another near Remer, serve as reminders that hunters can sometimes find themselves turned around. Both of those incidents involved hunters being lost for multiple days and requiring rescue.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how not to get lost grouse hunting, from David "Swede" Johnson, a regional director for the Ruffed Grouse Society from River Falls, Wis.

What you take with you when you go into the woods can make all the difference. Here's what Johnson takes when he ventures into the woods:

-- A pin-on compass on his vest

-- A surveyor's compass in his vest pocket

-- A Garmin Oregon handheld GPS

-- A butane lighter

-- A lightweight rain poncho (could double as rudimentary shelter)

-- Two 32-ounce water bottles

-- Clif Bars or other energy foods


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