Tony Ferguson, who takes on Kevin Lee at UFC 216, is no fan of Conor McGregor

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Johnson can break longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva's UFC-record 10 consecutive successful title defenses by defeating Borg.

"I'm looking to make a finish," said Johnson, who told reporters he's receiving a cut of the pay-per-view profits for the first time in his career. "I'll step back (if the record is set), get to my new house, look at my new fireplace, have a delicious beer and say, 'This is what it feels like.' But the thing about this sport, it's right on to the next one."

While Johnson is his division's full champion, Ferguson's entertainment value and the fact he fights in McGregor's division are being considered, so there is a coattails benefit.

"I'm not here to play this game. I'm here to remind (fighters) this is my show. This is my time. I deserve this," Ferguson said. "I didn't talk my way here. I earned my way here. I'm going to fight like I have a chip on my shoulder."

Ferguson was so agitated at a UFC 216 luncheon last week he nearly fought with heavyweight Fabricio Werdum, who is handled by Nurmagomedov's manager.

He also got moody with The Times on Thursday, prompting someone close to him to remark, "That's Tony being Tony."

Said Lee: "He's a weirdo."

McGregor's trainer has speculated the Irishman could return to the UFC on St. Patrick's Day evening, but when Ferguson was asked if he expects himself or someone else to be the opponent, he responded, "I'm not going to prepare for a fight that's not there.

"The rankings go out the window" for McGregor, Ferguson said. "What I do (Saturday) is going to be on their conscience. When that time comes, I'll make them feel guilty.

"One way or another, they're going to run into my (rear). You've got a guy (Nurmagomedov) who can't make weight, a guy (McGregor) who's a no-show. He needs to defend or vacate."

The words require a win over Lee, 25, who could find it difficult after shedding 19 1/2 pounds in less than 24 hours to maintain his endurance if the fight lasts its maximum 25 minutes.

"I ran every night, and sometimes up there you didn't feel like you were running with yourself, so that makes you run a little faster," Ferguson cracked. "I would've been OK. I would've choked (that animal) out. And I will have my hand raised."

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