Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman passes his passion for hockey to his 3 kids … and they love the game too

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The conversation among Sue Wojciechowski's new co-workers was full of typical small talk until one day, shortly after she started at accounting firm Arthur Andersen, it took an odd turn.

One of the people at lunch began to pepper another -- a guy named Stan -- with questions about hockey contracts. Wojciechowski didn't find that strange.

But she did find it unusual that the questioner was so interested to know what Stan's father thought.

Wojciechowski, who knew almost nothing about hockey, found this rather comical. So she began to joke about what her father -- a Franklin Park policeman -- thought about the issue.

"Everybody, especially the guy asking the question, got really quiet," Wojciechowski said. "And the guy asking the question asked me, 'Do you have any idea who his dad is?' And I was like, 'Obviously not.' "

And that's how Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman met his future wife.


Twenty-four years later, Stan is still peppered with hockey questions. But instead of being asked about what his dad -- legendary coach and general manager Scotty Bowman, a senior adviser with the Hawks who retired from coaching in 2002 -- thinks about a variety of topics, now everyone wants to know what's on Stan's mind.

Stan Bowman, who was named after the Stanley Cup, gets plenty of hockey questions from friends, fans and media, of course, but some of the most pointed ones come from his three kids: sons Will, 16, and Cam, 13, and daughter Graycen, 7.

Will and Cam play for the Chicago Mission, a Tier 1 program, and have set their sights on the NHL. Graycen is the only girl on an all-boys team and has no problem taking on her brothers in epic basement hockey battles at their home.

"She's the craziest out of all of us," Will Bowman said.


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