Jubilant golfers shed their sweatpants, promising to keep their distance, avoid touching the flagstick and pay off bets by Venmo

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The New York Times found at least one course at which officials raised the liner cups above ground, changing the definition of a made putt.

Some tips for playing golf during the COVID-19 crisis: If you see a stray ball, resist the urge to add it to your shag bag. If a friend asks you to toss him or her a tee, just say no. Go ahead and putt out that 4-footer. No need to mark it and risk encroaching in another player's 6-foot zone. Pay off bets by Venmo or PayPal.

And as for drinks (and food), golf is now BYO.

Professionals such as Luke Donald are offering extensive tips on Twitter and Instagram, even for those who can't get outside.

The First Tee of Greater Chicago asked families to submit videos of how they're keeping busy indoors -- using laundry baskets for chipping and yoga mats for putting.

Of course, nothing compares with the real thing.


"It's wonderful the opportunity that the Illinois government gave us -- play with social distance," Sherwood Kraemer said between holes at the Village Links. "When there are only three in your group and you're hitting it all over the place, it's not a problem."

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