US Open winner Gary Woodland remains 'the other guy' at British Open

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PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland -- Since winning the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach last month, Gary Woodland is getting recognized a lot more in public. But at times, he's still relatively anonymous.

Woodland went to breakfast in Portrush this week with tour veteran Matt Kuchar and decidedly was "the other guy."

"I took about 20 pictures for him," Woodland said. "Nobody knew who I was; they all knew who he was. He loved every second of that, I can tell you."

Then again, Woodland is a lot more famous now than he was before Pebble Beach. He was feted in his hometown of Topeka, Kan., after that victory, and about 3,500 people showed up.

"That was pretty cool," he said. "Especially for my family, growing up there. My family has been there forever; they still live there. That was special."

And then there's the U.S. Open trophy, which Woodland scarcely has let out of his sight.


"It's been very close to me the last month," he said.

Very close. As in, on his nightstand.

"Yeah, the nightstand, so I can see it," he said. "You want to wake up and make sure it's not a dream. You want to make sure it's real."

He was going to let his parents keep it this week while he's in Northern Ireland. Instead, he left it with his wife, Gabby, who is expecting twin daughters and is supposed to be resting at home.


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