Marcus Hayes: Jalen Hurts realizes he must Trust the Processing for the Eagles

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Hurts has grown up some, too. You can see by his sharpened features that he’s fitter, the result of a nutrition awakening. He revealed to Marks and Reese that, while he still weighs 220 pounds, he reported to camp with 8.5% body fat, which would be a good number for a triathlete.

He also said that he routinely corresponds with former Eagles quarterbacks Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, and even Michael Vick, three weapons who helped the NFL evolve into a league that embraced mobile quarterbacks.

“I’ve been in contact with all of those guys,” Hurts said. “I appreciate the precedent they’ve set for the entire league. Talk about dual-threat guys. I appreciate those guys, that they continue to give me advice.”

More than anything else, though, Hurts conducted himself with a measure of confidence that the Eagles haven’t seen since Vick signed a $100 million extension before the 2011 season. Nick Foles never had it, Sam Bradford never had it, and any confidence Wentz showed always was transparent bluster.


Hurts has it.

It took two years, and it took lots of twists and turns, and he had to endure an offseason of the Eagles searching for an upgrade, but he has settled in.

He knows what he needs to do.

“Simply put, it’s consistency,” Hurts said. “Being consistent will make things elite around here. It will make me elite. It will make this offense elite.”

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