Mac Engel: Herschel Walker is one of America's greatest sports myths. Will it help him get elected?

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Of the many developments from ex-Dallas Cowboys, “Herschel Walker: U.S. Senator” was not on the Jeopardy board when his NFL playing career finished in 1997.

It’s one thing to be a campaigning political hopeful, and quite another to go full on “Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Walker, 60, has made his choice.

Walker is attempting to pull a Craig James and go straight to the United States Senate.

The Republicans are banking heavily on this race, and specifically Walker, to regain control of the Senate. Only one candidate has the full support of former President Donald J. Trump.

On Tuesday, Walker won the Republican primary by a comfortable margin.


This is not some anti-Republican rant. This about Walker’s choice that will determine the rest of his professional life. Will it maintain the myth that is Herschel Walker, or will it end it?

The Myth of Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker was the creation of the last era of sports writers before they were slowly supplanted by ESPN highlights.

He did things as freshman that freshman did not do.


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