Dieter Kurtenbach: The 49ers are waiting another week for their future

Dieter Kurtenbach, The Mercury News on

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I’m not discounting those wins, only providing context. Garoppolo deserves credit for that success — he was stellar for a few of those contests. But this is also the quarterback who was deemed a massive liability in the 2019 playoffs, and then lived up to that threat in the Super Bowl.

Garoppolo is a better version of Jared Goff, who went 42-20 under Sean McVay in Los Angeles, received a huge contract after going to the Super Bowl with the Rams, and then this past offseason was unceremoniously shipped to Detroit, where he is winless and his new head coach is calling him out after six games.

I wonder what will happen to Garoppolo when Shanahan isn’t calling the plays for him anymore.

We’ll find out soon, but not soon enough for my liking.

Garoppolo is a lame-duck quarterback. If not for injuries and a misplaced allegiance from Shanahan — a coach who is looking down the pipe at losing records in four out of his five seasons at the helm — Jimmy G would already be on the bench.

The inevitable wouldn’t be prolonged.


I understand the mitigating circumstances at hand this week, but what’s the end game if Shanahan keeps Garoppolo at quarterback going forward, as he seems to want to do?

Nine wins, at best?

Maybe the last wild-card spot in the NFC?

How does that help the Niners contend for a Super Bowl in the future?


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