Omar Kelly: Panic is premature, but tougher scrutiny is fitting for Dolphins

Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel on

Published in Football

This isn’t time to panic.

It’s time to evaluate.

The Buffalo Bills have been beating down the Miami Dolphins for most of the past decade, so why does last Sunday’s 35-0 embarrassing loss suddenly rattle the cage?

Why criticize everything done this offseason, this rebuild now?

The Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills are title contenders, and Miami is clearly still playing catch up to an AFC East rival that is bigger, stronger, faster and more talented. After all, Allen is 6-1 against the Dolphins.

A Week 2 loss doesn’t mean the season is lost. Hope shouldn’t be flushed.


This is the time for the Dolphins to lick their wounds and patch the leaks.

It’s time to problem solve, experiment and come up with intelligent and creative ways to address this team’s shortcomings and highlight its strengths.

That is what smart front offices do and good coaching staffs achieve.

So this is when we watch, evaluate and judge, gauging whether this franchise has the right leadership.


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