Kelly Stafford: Football hadn't been fun for Matthew in a very long time

Tanya Wildt, Detroit Free Press on

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Kelly also revealed the text message she sent to Matthew before the game.

"Know that I understand that this is like a big leap of faith for you, but no one deserves this chance more than you, so go out, but more so go out and have some f------ fun," she said. "I felt like football hadn't been fun for him in a very long time."

Waking up the next morning after the win, Kelly asked Matthew how he was feeling.

"And he turns over and gives me like this little smirk," she said. "He's like, 'I think this is gonna be fun.'

"I hadn't seen that from Matthew in a very long time."


Kelly previously teased her podcast on social media, saying she would discuss Matthew's games, but that each episode would center around the morning after a different event or experience.

Other moments in this week's episode include what she misses and won't miss most about Detroit. There are also guest appearances from the woman NBC incorrectly identified as Matthew's wife during the "Sunday Night Football" broadcast and WDIV-TV (Channel 4) reporter and family friend Hank Winchester.

Kelly also teased that Matthew will eventually make an appearance on the show.

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