Joe Starkey: Steelers open camp as one of NFL's biggest mysteries

Joe Starkey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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It's a fascinating marriage, as Canada's no wallflower, either. Consider camp the honeymoon.

Is the Adrian Klemm effect real?

The new O-line coach has a sparkling reputation among former pupils and is said to be instilling his group with a violent, run-first demeanor. We'll see.

I happen to believe offensive linemen, like running backs, do in fact grow on trees. You might get a great one here or there — a top-10 pick — but the rest are pretty much the same, and then it becomes a matter of developing them and fitting them to the scheme. Analyze every line that has appeared in a Super Bowl since 2000, and among the starters you'll find just as many undrafted players as first-round picks.

That doesn't mean this will work. It just means it's way too early to freak out over the pedigree — or lack thereof — of the players involved.

What are the Steelers going to get from Devin Bush?


I'm not talking about Bush's bizarre social media musings. I'm talking about the Steelers stepping far out of their comfort zone to draft him two years ago, surrendering significant assets to move into the top 10 for the first time since 2000.

You only do that for a star, and after flashing serious potential in his rookie season, Bush sustained a major knee injury. The Steelers need him to be a high-impact player right now. Or at least by early September.

Is that realistic? Who knows? Who knows anything about this team?

It could flourish, or it could die on the vine.

Should be an interesting camp.

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