After seven Super Bowl titles, Tom Brady still motivated by doubters

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Tom Brady will always be the overlooked quarterback who was drafted 199th out of Michigan and is fueled by doubters even after winning his seventh Super Bowl.

Brady sat down with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan on Wednesday to talk about winning Super Bowl 55 in his first season with the Bucs, why he left New England after 20 years and throwing the Lombardi Trophy across the Hillsborough River during the team’s boat parade.

On responding to doubters, who said before the season he should retire rather than play for the Bucs:

“I was always kind of motivated by people that say, ‘You can’t do it. You’re not good enough, you’re not fast enough, not big enough, (you don’t have a) good enough arm.’ I’ve had a body of work over a period of time, so, you know, you just say, ‘Hey, (how) quickly you forget.’

”I think that’s a great part about football. It’s not really about what you did last year, it’s kind of what you’re going to do this year, so for me it was what I was going to do for the Bucs last year. I still feel that way.”

On what it was like leaving New England after 20 seasons and starting from scratch with the Bucs:


“I would say in a lot of ways really invigorating. When you’re with the Patriots, everyone would come to me and introduce themselves to me because I was kind of the mainstay. But I was the new guy for the first time. You know? And that was a really different experience.”

On playing for coach Bruce Arians:

“He’s a great motivator. He’s got a great feel for the team. He’s got a great pulse for what’s going on in the locker room. Great intuition. Great evaluation of talent. When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way. You go to a different place, you realize, ‘Wow, there’s a different way of doing things.’ ”

His keys to a successful marriage (he and model Gisele Bundchen have been married 12 years):


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