Larry Stone: There are three ways to resolve Russell Wilson's grievances, and two of them are bad for the Seahawks

Larry Stone, The Seattle Times on

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SEATTLE — The Russell Wilson Dissatisfaction Tour keeps careening down the highway, with new revelations at every turn.

But as the depth and scope of the Seahawks quarterback's grievances continue to emerge, the giant, overarching questions remains: What is the end game here?

There are three possible answers to where this all leads. And to borrow from the famous quote by former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes when discussing the three outcomes of a forward pass: "Two of them are bad." (Seahawks coach Pete Carroll no doubt agrees with Woody on passing, which is kind of how we got into this mess. But I digress.)

Here they are:

1. Wilson and the Seahawks repair their rift, sing "Kumbaya," and move forward together, arm in metaphorical arm.

2. The quarterback's issues continue to fester, unresolved, and he heads into the 2021 season still under center for the Seahawks but filled with resentment.


3. Wilson is traded, presumably to one of the four teams his agent indicated to ESPN on Thursday as acceptable destinations.

The real eye-opener here is that No. 3 is no longer a laughable notion to be immediately dismissed out of hand as just more bored media members stirring up clickbait.

It remains a longshot, absolutely, and always will as long as the phrase "39 million dollars in dead cap money" still rolls off the tongue. But for the first time, it's not an inconceivable notion.

When an agent is providing a list of teams to which his client would be willing to go, the trade scenario has officially entered the realm of the possible; indeed, plausible.


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