Armando Salguero: Final grade on Chris Grier's work as Dolphins GM continually pushed into the future

Armando Salguero, Miami Herald on

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It’s wonderful when an NFL player produces right away and makes the people selecting him immediately seem very wise.

But that’s not usually the case and the fair thing is it wait two or three years to fully comprehend how good, or not, a player is.

It’s fair to also apply that that 2- or 3-year period to the folks making the selections before judging their draft work...

...Unless you’re judging Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier.

He has drafted 40 players during his time running Dolphins drafts. In two months Grier will conduct his sixth draft for the club. He will make his eighth and ninth first-round picks — because the Dolphins have two first-round selections scheduled this year and had three a year ago.

And, amazingly, Grier is still working within the window of uncertainty (which is a good thing for him) that only new general managers are afforded their first couple of drafts before final grades on their work begin to come in.


Think of it: Grier is in his 22nd NFL season with the Dolphins and a veteran of five drafts in which he had final say over the picks, and there is no final grade on him yet.

Pundits may have opinions on whether Grier is good at drafting or not — because there’s evidence both ways. And around the NFL there are peers with opinions about Grier’s acumen.

But an inarguable grade? A certainty whether the Dolphins have a good decision-maker heading their draft?

We’re still waiting.


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