David Murphy: Jeffrey Lurie is the only person who can fix the Eagles. Fixing his front office should be his top priority.

By David Murphy, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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Good news is, you aren't the only one who can't stomach the Eagles. The guy who signs their checks is apparently tired of them too.

As The Inquirer's Jeff McLane reported, Jeffrey Lurie's skipped his team's trip to Cleveland last weekend, the first time that anybody can remember the boss man not making a road trip.

Lurie's absence was, at least in part, due to his frustration with the Eagles performance. Never before has an NFL owner felt so relatable to his team's fans.

Difference is, Lurie doesn't need to rely on copious amounts of whiskey and Tums to carry him through the winter. He can fix this thing. The fact that he signs the paychecks means that he alone can fix his football team's predicament. He is in possession of what the social scientists like to call "agency." Autonomy. Self-determination.

All of which is ironic. Because one of the things that might fix the Eagles is a head coach who feels he is endowed with such rights. Or, at least, one who feels he is pedaling in the same direction as the other guy on the bike. Because, at this point, you can't help but wonder if part of the frustration Doug Pederson has betrayed throughout the season is a sign of some sort of disconnect with the front office. And that is a serious enough problem to warrant immediate intervention.

The latest wisp of smoke again came from Pederson's ears. Late last week, reporters again asked the head coach if the current starting quarterback would still be the starting quarterback.


It was a question that was ripped straight out of the Pop Quiz in the study guide at the end of the first chapter in Principles of Coachspeak. Yet Pederson somehow managed to answer it in a way that made you wonder if he was issuing the latest QAnon drop.

Was he thinking about benching Carson Wentz?

"Not today."

Did that mean he might consider benching Wentz later in the week?


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