Dave Hyde: History in the making? The buildup to Tua's start involves 21 preceding QBs.

By Dave Hyde, Sun Sentinel on

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So this is what it's going to be like from here — a million video hits when Tua Tagovailoa sits on the field after a game, the lead story on ESPN when he's named Miami Dolphins starter, a half-dozen radio stations wanting scraps of a columnist's thoughts leading up to the start and former coach Jimmy Johnson on the line with some advice?

"He should take what they give and don't hold the ball an extra second trying to make the great play every down," the Hall of Fame coach said. "If nothing's there, sometimes you throw it away."

If the results resemble the buildup, the Tua Era will be a fun run. But this buildup has been building for two decades. The history in Sunday's making involves 21 failed Dolphins starting quarterbacks after Dan Marino.

Tua doesn't know this history. He can't. Nor can coach Brian Flores. Why would he? But anyone who has made this long football pilgrimage to the threshold of Sunday's latest — and biggest — Dolphins hope knows what it's been like. And sounded like.

Remember? Listen to the 21 names who have shaped this into the Dolphins biggest moment this millennium:



1."I didn't hear any boos," Jay Fielder after being booed in pregame introductions before a Dolphins victory in 2000.

2. "I'll do whatever's asked, when it's asked — if it's asked," Damon Huard said after his one start during this run in 2000.

3."In seven years, not one time did I think it possible for one player to lose a game for the other 53 players," Ray Lucas said after four interceptions and two fumbles in a loss to Buffalo in 2002. "But it is possible. I just proved it."

4."We didn't do anything right," Brian Griese said after converting 1 of 10 on third downs for the third straight game in 2003 and having nine turnovers in those games.


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