Marcus Hayes: Soft, spineless Cowboys and Jerry Jones face a dire 2020 without Dak Prescott

By Marcus Hayes, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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Only one was up to the job, and so the Cowboys wilted down the stretch in 2019. Jones replaced Garrett with Mike McCarthy, the Packers coach who wasted Aaron Rodgers' prime, and was one of the few downgrades available. As you might expect, the leadership dynamic changed not a bit.

Asked about his players' response to the hit, McCarthy replied, "That was definitely probably not the response you would expect," then clammed up.

Incredibly, inexplicably, Jones said on his weekly radio show Monday, "Sometimes you aren't aware of what happened on a play."

Remember when Jerry used to be a tough guy? Guess it starts at the top.

Because Dalton's teammates saw it. They just lacked the heart, and other portions of anatomy, to do anything about it.

Cowboys end DeMarcus Lawrence recognizes the continued absence of grit. He called the club "soft," with a vulgar adjective, after a Week 4 loss to the Browns, then said the Cowboys need to "fight" and grow a "stronger backbone" after they lost at Washington last week.


The only backbone strong enough to carry this team broke his ankle three weeks ago.

"Dak is the only guy who can hold that team together and get them to stay on the same page," Tomlinson told the Star-Telegram.

If that's true, then it's over. The Cowboys, now 2-5, easily could go winless the rest of the season. The first-place Eagles are 7 1/2-point favorites. Next up: the Steelers.

And Maurkice Pouncey.

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