Why Le'Veon Bell thinks Chiefs could rejuvenate best days of his career

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Le'Veon Bell's first public remarks as a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs took a look backward, with acknowledgment that his last stop was an objective bust. With recognition that somehow, after four years as one of the most dynamic backs in football, he became one of its statistical worst.

But that occupied about 10 seconds of a 10-minute video press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The theme for the rest: Bell is betting things will be different in Kansas City than they were in New York.

He's betting he will be different.

He illustrated a facet of reasons, followed with praise of just about everyone in the organization shy of the ticket takers. But a deeper analysis, a read-between-the-lines assessment of his answers, evidenced his primary rationale.



The Jets turned a versatile playmaker into a predictable, plow-straight-ahead ball-carrier. In head coach Adam Gase's lowest-scoring offense in the NFL, defenses have come to know what's coming, an act that plays out on film.

So after his initial nine minutes talking to reporters via computer Wednesday, Bell responded to the final question — one on why this will provide a better outcome — with detail.

"I think it will be a lot different," he said, before launching into the explanation. "We run a little more open sets here. I think (in New York), when we ran (the ball), it's kind of a little more downhill. Here, it's kind of horizontal, reverses, misdirection, all types of things.

"Defenses don't really know if you're coming inside, outside or way outside. Screens, all types of things. In this offense, so many guys carry the ball so many directions, it's kind of hard to prepare for one guy. I think that's the biggest thing for me."


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