Manish Mehta: Joe Douglas, Adam Gase divorce must happen for Jets GM to create 'best culture in sports'

By Manish Mehta, New York Daily News on

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The New York Jets have provided a road map to the best circus in town, where laughter is guaranteed even if winning isn't.

Nearly 10 months after general manager Joe Douglas revealed that "the plan is to create the best culture in sports," the wayward franchise has been lampooned by everyone from diehard fans to "Saturday Night Live."

NFL players, coaches and executives giggle behind their backs. Gang Green has morphed into something much worse than just a bad team.

They're a punchline.

Dubious leadership has created a fissure exasperated by a snake oil salesman on the sideline. The GM has taken no accountability. And a placeholder owner has been perpetually mocked for bestowing brilliance upon a charlatan.

Winning organizations are filled with doers. The 0-5 Jets, who face the Dolphins on the road Sunday, are talkers.


They like to talk about doing this or creating that. They toss out grandiose (and delusional) phrases like "coaching football to where it's going" with the desperate hope that fans will follow like sheep.

Never mind that they rarely produce.

While others efficiently and quickly rebuild, the Jets are about to miss the playoffs for a 10th consecutive season. While others hire smart, creative coaches, the Jets have backed themselves into a corner with the worst one.

While others entrust their franchise to multitaskers who think on their feet in a fast-moving, unforgiving environment, the Jets have a plodding neophyte whose nearly every move has underwhelmed to this point.


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