Marcus Hayes: Missing: Eagles coach Doug Pederson

By Marcus Hayes, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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PHILADELPHIA - Where is Real Doug Pederson? Where did that guy go?

Real Doug Pederson gambles like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Real Doug Pederson rolls the dice more than Leroy Brown. Real Doug Pederson had more gadgets up his sleeve than James Bond and more flavor than Flav, but this Doug Pederson is just ... Bland. Blah. Blech.

Who is this pathetic, beaten, bewildered man wearing Chip Kelly's old visor? Real Doug Pederson's playbook was a Picasso canvas, innovative and thrilling and unconventional; this Doug Pederson is painting like Bob Ross on PBS.

Where is dangerous Doug? Daring Doug? Dougie Fresh?

The answer is simpler than it seems. Old Doug Pederson, the Real Doug Pederson, no longer believes in his players. He's timid these days, grateful to just be in the game, happy to salvage a tie.

It's sad, but it's understandable.


You can't play to win with a team built to lose.

No longer is Doug Pederson the coach who called the fourth-and-goal Philly Special - in the Super Bowl, with the lead, just before halftime, with his backup quarterback in the game, against the greatest football coach of the era.

This Doug Pederson didn't go for two points at the end of the fourth quarter Sunday, welcoming overtime, then punted to preserve a tie. For an 0-2 team. A tie.

It might be the right play, but nobody builds you a statue for a punt.


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