'This is my happy place.' Sammy Watkins fine with less money, output to stay in KC

Sam McDowell, The Kansas City Star on

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Part I: Sammy Watkins would like to be bigger component of the Chiefs' offense. He thought he would be when he signed a $48 million deal in 2018.

Part II: Sammy Watkins is happy in Kansas City. Wanted to come back this year. Even took less money to do it.

Both parts can be true.

Both are true, he emphasized Sunday, his first meeting with media since agreeing to restructure his contract to stay in Kansas City.

"I think every receiver or any player wants to go out there and do well and score touchdowns or catch as many balls as you possibly can and get the yards. Myself, I want those types of things," Watkins said in a Zoom call. "Now, do I have to be mad or angry at the guys who are going out there and getting it? No. I love my guys. I love to see guys go out there balling. It's my job and my duty to serve others as well as they serve me.

"As a receiver, yeah, of course, I want more balls and would love to have more balls. But that's not my focus. My focus is getting the win and going out there and having fun."


During much of his 9-minute call, Watkins reiterated this stance many times over, a necessary rehearsal after he expressed -- or demanded -- a larger role during an offseason interview with Bleacher Report. He shrugged off that article: "I'm a deep thinker."

Watkins caught 52 passes for 673 yards and three touchdowns in 2019. All three scores came in the opener. He was shut out over the remainder of the regular season.

Only Watkins can truly assess how he handled the dip in production. His most recent words suggest he's accepted it.

And his actions.


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