'You can sense it. You can feel it.' A closer look at the Bears quarterback competition and the dynamics for 2020

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The Bears have reminded Trubisky he will get every chance to hold on to his job once practice begins. And the fourth-year pro has said he is highly motivated not to go quietly, aware of the avalanche of criticism that has come down on him since last season and determined to show he has made growth.

"You're always going to have people writing you off," Trubisky said. "It's got to light a fire under you. Which it has for me. I'm just trying to prove everybody wrong and prove my teammates right."

That kind of motivational fuel is never a bad thing. And the Bears are hopeful that, in a best-case scenario, their quarterback competition brings out the best in both Trubisky and Foles.

At the very least, one of the two has to emerge as a reliable starter who can be trusted to run the offense efficiently.

-- Biggest question: What exactly will this quarterback competition look like?

How will this be structured? How can the Bears make up for lost time without rushing things? What will Nagy and his staff be zeroing in on when practices finally begin in mid-August?


The clock is ticking and it's ticking loudly. The Bears won't have many practices to sort through the Trubisky-Foles duel. And Nagy has expressed his quest to make every drill and practice period as competitive as possible.

As for what the coaching staff will be looking for, Nagy wants to see which quarterback handles the process the smoothest. That, he said, means making proper pre-snap checks consistently. It means showing leadership in and out of the huddle. It means throwing the ball on time and on target.

The Bears will also be continually testing both Trubisky and Foles with third-down situations plus two-minute drill and red-zone opportunities.

"To me, you can sense it," Nagy said. "You feel it, the efficiency, the productivity within the special situations that you have. ... How accurate are you on specific throws? Are you playing smart in the red zone. What's your mentality? What's your communication like at the line of scrimmage with the wide receivers when you're going two-minute, no-huddle. And then how are you handling the coaching?"


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