Joey Bosa indicates his rookie-year holdout helped him land massive Chargers deal

Jeff Miller, Los Angeles Times on

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LOS ANGELES -- A season after they failed so often to win close games, the Los Angeles Chargers scored a dramatic buzzer-beating victory before training camp opened.

Joey Bosa on Monday colorfully described the final moments before he and the team came together on a record-setting five-year, $135 million extension. The main color was bright blue.

"I was parked outside the hotel probably 10 minutes before, out of sight," he explained. "I have a bright blue car, so they would have seen me from 10 miles away if I pulled up into the parking lot of the hotel. I (was) parked off to the side when we got the call."

That call was from Bosa's agent, Brian Ayrault, who informed his client that he was about to become the NFL's highest-paid defensive player of all time.

So Bosa pulled into the hotel in Irvine early last week to go through coronavirus testing, arriving just minutes before the team-imposed deadline to report.

"It was hard to contain my emotions coming in there and getting swabbed," he admitted. "It helped that I had a mask on probably because I had a smirk underneath."


The deal, which Bosa signed over the weekend, includes a guaranteed $102 million and a $35 million signing bonus.

At 25, he is tied to the Chargers for six more years. Bosa, a two-time Pro Bowl player, had one season remaining on his rookie contract and was a candidate to hold out, something, he now said, "I don't have to worry about."

As for all the new money coming his way, he added, "It's hard to even imagine and comprehend how insane it is."

Bosa said the fact Cleveland and pass rusher Myles Garrett agreed on a five-year, $125 million extension roughly two weeks earlier probably aided in his deal getting done quicker.


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