Why Mark Davis has Raiders in better shape in Vegas than Al Davis did in Oakland

Jerry McDonald, The Mercury News on

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Has serenity arrived at dysfunction junction?

Things are going smoother for Mark Davis in Las Vegas than they ever did for his father Al Davis during the Raiders' second act in Oakland. For East Bay fans that are heartbroken over the Raiders leaving town a second time, it's a tough concept to swallow but impossible to refute.

Allegiant Stadium will not only be done on time, but has already exceeded all expectations with $549 million in sales of personal seat licenses, according to the Las Vegas-Review Journal.

It's the inverse of the PSL fiasco that occurred when the Raiders returned home in 1995. PSLs supposedly were selling out, but it was an illusion. Fans were making multiple requests on credit cards in favor of not getting one. The disaster included empty seats and television blackouts.

The practice facility in Henderson, Nevada, is on track and could conceivably be their base of operations for whatever training camp entails if it can't be done in Napa amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It's been five years since Mark Davis was basically kicked to the curb by NFL owners when a proposal to be joint tenants of a $1.7 billion stadium in Carson was rejected in favor of Rams' owner Stan Kroenke's plan in Los Angeles.


Now? Kroenke and the Rams just borrowed $500 million from the NFL to go along with the $400 million it was loaned at the outset.

Imagine if the Rams and Chargers needed to play home games in Las Vegas because California shelter-in-place restrictions made playing in SoFi Stadium impossible early in the season.

Mark Davis would never admit it, but "Raiders to the rescue" would have a nice ring to it.

The Raiders lost out on hosting the draft April 23-25 because of the pandemic, but will get another shot in 2022. You can bet they'll be awarded a Super Bowl as well as the NFL has softened on gambling in order to collect more money and embraced a city that a decade ago was forbidden fruit.


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