Catching up with Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: Excitement for Tua, wanting to play and a serious neck-hair situation

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During Zoom meetings, Fitzpatrick said he wants to ensure Tagovailoa and Rosen both know they can approach him with any questions they may have while learning the new offense being installed by offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

After all, Fitzpatrick has some expertise working alongside Gailey in two previous stints earlier in their careers.

"I help them, try to make sure they know and they're comfortable coming to me with questions. I also am going to express my opinions and thoughts on plays that we're watching and in two-minute drives," Fitzpatrick said. "We've been going over some of that stuff. My mind and the process how I think through it, right or wrong, just provide them some perspective."

-- On Tagovailoa specifically, Fitzpatrick said:

"I'm excited for him to be here. I loved watching him playing in college. I think he's going to be an awesome addition to the team for a long time."

-- Fitzpatrick, who played under Gailey with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, says he has "a ton of confidence and trust" in the new Dolphins offensive coordinator.


"Chan was really the first guy that truly believed in me and gave me my shot as a starter. I've always wanted to prove him right and to play well for him," Fitzpatrick said.

"He's a guy that allows players to play to their strengths. He's got an offense that is not very complicated to learn but very complicated for defenses, in the way it's presented to them. He does a great job of utilizing different guys' talents, to put them in a position to succeed, and not necessarily telling them there is a certain way to do it. But allowing them some freedom and flexibility, within certain constraints, to do the best job that they can."

-- With so many new teammates, Fitzpatrick says it will be important for the Dolphins to quickly foster some cohesiveness and chemistry.

"It's difficult not being there (together)," Fitzpatrick said. "We are very young. There are going to be a lot of new faces. Whether it was guys they brought in through free agency, or guys they brought in through the draft. A lot of new faces. A lot of youth. And so with that you want to get on the field. You want to start practicing. You want to start learning the system. You want to start to get to know each other."


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