2020 NFL mock draft: Five-round projections

Eddie Brown, The San Diego Union-Tribune on

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So we're really doing this.

Commissioner Roger Goodell informed all 32 NFL teams the 2020 NFL draft will proceed in a fully virtual format in a memo sent out Monday.

My bet is on the Browns asking if Isaiah Simmons is still available in the fifth round.

Look, we're in uncharted waters. I understand those who feel this might be inappropriate, but I believe the NFL is actually doing the right thing here. For once.

Team personnel will be in separate locations, handling their responsibilities from the comfort of home. Safety first (for once).

Plus, there will reportedly be a telethon aspect, where donations will be collected for our fight against COVID-19. A good touch because we need all the help we can get.


We also need this distraction.


The NFL draft has become a nice appetizer before our main course in September (cross your fingers). A mock version of said draft is meant to educate, and even entertain. At very least, it helps you pass the time.

The closer we get to draft day, the more I attempt to match what teams will actually do with their draft picks as opposed to what I believe they should do.


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