Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry changes mind, undergoes hip surgery

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Jarvis Landry changed his mind and decided to undergo hip surgery after all.

He revealed the news Thursday morning in a video on Instagram.

The Browns wide receiver initially opted not to have surgery this offseason after seeing several hip specialists and participated in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown on Jan. 22 and the Pro Bowl on Jan. 26.

But Landry explained in the Instagram video his plan changed because playing in the Pro Bowl reminded him how much pain he had been experiencing.

"I felt like if I got together with the team doctors, got together with my doctors, that we could formulate a plan for this offseason to be able to manage me again throughout the year (with rehabilitation) to be able to make it through the season," Landry said.

"Going into Pro Bowl, given that I was off three weeks, and thinking that I was going to feel better and then playing in the game -- which obviously wasn't really a game, we were just jogging around, having fun -- and I realized how much pain I was in from even just doing that.


"I was kind of happy that I went to Pro Bowl, that I did Pro Bowl, because that was more of an indication of why I needed the surgery."

Landry reconsidered his decision and had surgery Feb. 4. It was performed by Dr. Chris Larson in Minneapolis.

A Browns spokesman said Landry is expected to fully recover in time for the 2020 season and be back on the football field at some point during training camp, which begins in late July.

In the video, Larson explained he repaired a cartilage issue and expects Landry's hip to move much better to the side as a result of the surgery.


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