Wild suggestion: 49ers should cut QB Jimmy Garoppolo, sign Tom Brady

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Off-screen announcer: "Jimmy Garoppolo, you just lost the Super Bowl! What you doing next?!"

Jimmy Garoppolo: "I'm going to the waiver wire!"

So suggests the fertile imagination of ESPN's Skip Bayless

Right up front, understand Bayless has never been a Jimmy G fan. And he is prone to advocate for things that would never, ever come to pass.

But he made some interesting assertions Monday morning on "The Undisputed."

"I've been staunch in this position from the start, I don't believe in him." Bayless said of Jimmy Garoppolo. "I think deep down you don't really, really trust him when the playoff chips are down."


Bayless invoked a newspaper article that he saw in the Bay Area last summer. "It made the point that the 49ers can cut Garoppolo and his huge contract just two years in and leave only $4.2 million in debt money on their (salary) cap. So they have an escape hatch here that they can take if they so choose."

We know what you're thinking. Why in the Wide, Wide World of Sports would the 49ers dump a quarterback who just took them to the Super Bowl with no tested backup?

Bayless is way ahead of you. Tom Brady, of course.

"I would cut Garoppolo and I would sign Tom Brady for two more years," he said. "Because Tom Brady would love to go home. He started as a 49er fan in San Mateo. He posted a great picture when Candlestick Park closed. He was at the Montana-to-Clark catch game. He was a huge Joe Montana fan. Tom could finish at home where his parents live, just right up the 101. You could get home in about 10 minutes from (Levi's) Stadium."


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