Homecoming in Kansas City: How Drew Lock turned a draft-day nightmare into NFL redemption

Sam McDowell, The Kansas City Star on

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DENVER -- An inconspicuous backpack occupies the bottom shelf of Drew Lock's cubbyhole inside the Denver Broncos' practice facility in Dove Valley, Colo. Although he has owned it for less than a year, it rarely leaves his side.

A few minutes before practice Wednesday, he unzipped its top flap to glance at an item he purposefully views almost every day. Seconds later, his right hand emerged from the pocket holding a small sheet of paper.

His NFL draft card. Seven months ago, he preserved the history, knowing he never wanted to forget how that night ended. He has the information memorized:

Denver Broncos.

Lock, Drew.



The University of Missouri.

His eyes always settle on the final line.

Overall: No. 42.

"If you feel tired; if you feel bad for yourself," Lock said, "(Bleep) that.


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